CleanTalk Pro

CleanTalk Pro When you build a website you will quickly find bots submitting comments or form entries. Not fun.   One time I was assisting a non-profit with their website, and they had over 8000 spam comments being held for manual moderation! The WordPress back-end by default only shows ~20 comments at a time… Yikes. … Read more

Premium WordPress Tool Kit

Premium WordPress Plugins Tool Kit I’ve been working with WordPress (and therefore, WordPress themes & plugins) since 2014. There is a huge community of contributors offering all kinds of tools to help you use it in new and creative ways – but it’s hard to know what the quality and structure of those tools will … Read more

As You Go Service

As You Go Service Running into trouble setting up your site? Want help restructuring it without committing to a full project? You can hire me by the hour (billable in 15-minute installments) to help you work on your WordPress site.  This can include populating any of the tools you purchase from me with your details … Read more

Service Packages

Annual Service Packages So you set up a WordPress website, and have since realized that there is a certain amount of time required to maintain it.  Your hosting, domains, and SSL need to be renewed periodically. Plugins and themes require updating. Occasionally updating causes problems on the site and adjustments are required. If this site … Read more