Forminator Pro

Forminator Pro

This is a WPMU Dev Premium plugin.

Forminator Pro is a plugin that allows you to build forms, polls, and quizzes. It has complex logic (eg. only show fields if another field has a certain value), can take payments and signatures from your users.

Use shortcodes to embed your forms anywhere on your site! Receive an email every time the form has a submission, or view the list of all submissions in the back end of your site.

Setup Process

We install the plugin and add my WPMU Dev license so you have access to the Pro version.

When set up you can then create forms, polls, or quizzes with the full features of the plugin. It walks you through the steps and requirements for each new form for easy setup.

Forminator generates a shortcode so you can put your form anywhere on your site!

You can set the form to send an automatic email notice to any email of your choice when a new submission is made. You can also have the plugin collect the responses in the back end of your site so you can go to any individual form and view the total list of responses.

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