Building a website is kind of like building a house. Just like any house (which needs a lot to be built upon), your website needs a place to be built as well. We call this hosting. It’s where your site files will live.

There are many hosts available, but in the spirit of no-mess no-stress website builds, I offer hosting plans for my clients that I manage on their behalf with all-in-one billing.

This is helpful because when we reach certain technical steps of website setup, I am able to do it on your behalf quickly and efficiently. If there are issues, it helps me diagnose and resolve them faster. 

If you ever want to move your site under an account of your own, we can do that. But most of my clients find it practical to let me handle it for them. 🙂

Setup Process

You can purchase a plan directly with DreamHost (this is who I use and recommend as they have a much more intuitive panel than most other hosts). See link below to browse their hosting plans!

You can register a domain (first year free) with DreamHost when you sign up if you don’t have one already. If you already hold one elsewhere, you’ll need to point the domain DNS to your host’s DNS servers. For Dreamhost this is,, and

You’ll need to install WordPress onto the domain you just hosted. Many hosts have 1-click install for WordPress (DreamHost included). 

How Do I Get This?

Direct (DreamHost)

Starts at $47.40 USD per year

Build With Me

By Project

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