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Schema is a markup language you can use as part of your SEO strategy. Developed by by the large search engines, Schema standardizes your site content so search engines can view and “understand” it better. This makes it easier for them to display it in rich snippets in search results!

When you show up as a rich snippet you stand out from the other standard search results and it increases the changes a user will click through to your website. 

Using Schema SEO doesn’t guarantee you will be displayed as a rich snippet, but if you’re not using it you definitely won’t be – so it is best practice to ensure your Schema is set up properly. 

Luckily instead of manually generating and setting it up (time-intensive, and can lead to outdated or erroneous information which can penalize you in search!), I have a tool called Schema Pro that makes it super easy to get schema set up on your site!

Setup Process

We set up the plugin and enter the initial set-up details such as your business name and logo.

There are hundreds of Schemas ( lists out all the different terms and options), but most of the content on the web fits into a dozen or so of them. Eg. you may have regular blog articles on your site, recipes, reviews, or other types of content – we will figure out which schema fits and set it up on those content pages so you can start using them to improve content quality.

Once the Schemas are picked and attached to your content pages, chances are some of the content will auto-populate from the page fields, and some will need to be manually entered when the pages or posts are created. Filling the extra fields in will ensure that you provide ALL the content desired by search engines for the content type you’re creating, for the best quality SEO to rank higher in search results!

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