Search Engine Optimization

When people search for terms on search engines like Google or Yahoo, they will most likely visit one of the sites that shows up on the first page of those results. Search Engine Optimization is about making sure your site content and structure is well-suited to you showing up at the top of search results for certain terms (keywords) so you can be the site a user finds and chooses to visit. 

This way you get more organic traffic (AKA, no paid ads required!). If the content of your site is high-quality, you can then capture the attention of those users and convert them to subscribers, customers, course students, etc… 

Good SEO requires good site content, but also good site structure. There is a combination of tools and continual review/tweaking to strengthen your SEO. It’s like a tree that you plant, and as it grows and strengthens its roots, it bears fruit. It can take between 1-6 months to start seeing results, but once done, it can be a powerful driver of traffic.

Some of the tools you’ll want for SEO are included in our toolkit:

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