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As fun as wading through the DIY forums is when you’re building yourself, it’s not always the most efficient use of your time. Why not delegate that work to someone else?

You may have tried to hire a developer already only to be left with a half-baked site (or no site at all). If this is you, you’re not alone – it’s a more common story than it should be. But no more!

We can build or redesign/restructure your site from scratch or from where it was left off. Using my awesome suite of tools I can build out a site for you to the specifications you need. We’ll work together to ensure you like the look and that there is a smooth user flow through the site.

Setup Process

You’ll need an address for your site and a place for it to live (where the files are stored). We call this a domain and hosting. If you have this already no problem! If not I can provide some guidance on how to obtain (see hosting). 

I will need an admin user to the site(s) you want me to build or redesign. I recommend creating a new separate user for me instead of giving me your current username/password. I will let you know what username will be best (to help me keep track). 

We’ll discuss your needs, brand and assets available to build with. I will let you know what we can do and how with the tools we’ve got, and if there are any specialized features needed, make recommendations for extra tools to add them to your site. 

I will implement what we discuss, and come back to you periodically with updates and feedback requests for revisions until the site is completely finished. 

You have your choice of service packages if you have your domain and hosting with me and/or want me to handle your site updates. If you have your own domain/hosting you can subscribe to my tool bundle for ongoing updates to the Pro versions of tools we will use for your site. Alternatively, for small tweaks or changes here and there you can use my as-you-go services

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