SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates establish a secure connection between your visitors and your website so the communication between them is encrypted (protected). Ie. you don’t wave your personal details around for everyone to see (which is basically what you’re doing when you communicate online without SSL). 

You need an SSL Certificate to transmit information securely. Varying levels of them are included with our annual service packages. 

Setup Process

There are two components to your SSL.

  1. Validation Type – determines how extensively you as a business/entity will be verified. Domain Validated only confirms domain ownership. Organization Validated will confirm the existence of the business name and phone #. Extended Validation will confirm all that plus physical address and operational existence.
  2. Domains Protected – you can choose to protect a single domain, a domain and its subdomains (wildcard), or multiple different domains under the same certificate. You can combine multi-domain and wildcard types to secure several different domains and all of their subdomains.

There are several brands of SSL to choose from. I am able to acquire almost any of them for you!

A certificate signing request is submitted after the SSL is purchased. It is a special code that specifies details required to issue the certificate such as the domain(s) being registered,

This can be as simple as receiving an email to and clicking “approve”, to as complex as needing to provide your business registration and/or other documents to the Certificate Authority, depending on which validation level you’ve selected.

Once validated you receive an email with your issued certificates attached. They have a special format so don’t worry if they look strange. Whoever installs the certificate will need these.

Whoever installs the certificate will need access to your hosting account or cPanel (if you host with me I will handle this), to enter the certificate content you were emailed and install the certificate to your site. 

How Do I Get This?

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